Chimparoo Babygloo+

Product Description
The cover Babygloo + is a combination of good features of Babygloo and Polaroo. . It is made of technological Downtec fabric used by the largest brand of winter coat in Canada, lined with polyester fiber performance for the coldest, attaches to most baby carriers, strollers and car seats , can be worn in a position facing the world with it removable hood and expands with zippers on each side. The Babygloo+ can be worn as much on the tummy as on the back and can be used with all the Chimparoo baby carriers from birth to 3-4 years.

For use with carriers, car seats, and strollers from birth to 36 months.

Protect your baby in temperatures ranging from -20 to15 degrees Celsius (-4 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit).

Removable hood, letting you place the baby facing in or out.

Can also be used on the back or hip.

An elastic hem along the back seam of the Pouch makes a sort of pocket or bag, to slip little feet and legs into. The elastic hem allows a nice and snug fit.

Ribbon ties allow you to use this with all your carriers. Just tie the ribbons around a stroller frame, shoulder straps of your carrier or the handle of the infant car seat.

MATERIALS - Downtec(durable water resistant) Polyester and cotton backing blocks wind, rain and snow, while the Sherpa polar fleece and the polyester plush isolation filling keeps your baby all snug and warm.

$ 49.00 $ 99.95

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