Babywearing Mystery Boxes

Babywearing Mystery Boxes
Product Description

New to babywearing and not sure where to start? Want a great deal and want to try something new? Have a budget and LOVE surprises?!?! The Babywearing Mystery Box is right for you!

How it works:

Step 1) Pick a box to fit your budget! Please note, Soft Structured Carriers (buckles!) are only available in the medium and large boxes. 

Step 2) Be sure to fill out the HINTS box on this page with as much of your preferences as possible. Hate Green? Love florals? Terrified of ring slings? Let us know! We will do our best to get you something you love! If you do not fill out the HINTS field, it could delay your box by several days. 

Step 3) We will FILL the box with LOVE! In addition to a carrier, your box will be filled with things for baby, things for mom, and things for fun. SO MAKE SURE TO TELL US YOUR PREFERENCES!!! The value of the items included will exceed the cost of the box. 

        - Small Mystery Price $99 - Value $120

        - Medium Mystery Price $120 - Value $150

        - Big Mystery Price $150 - Value $185

Step 4) We ship the Mystery Box FOR FREE! 

Because of the nature of the Mystery Box (and surprises in general), returns and exchanges cannot be accepted unless there is a manufacture default, and then our normal policy would apply. 


$ 99.00