Our food is made from scratch in house, using the freshest ingredients available and is organic and locally sourced when possible. Our offerings change daily. We do our very best to accommodate special needs. Ask us about substitutions.

Pickup orders can order the full menu, select items are now available for delivery though grub hub here:




Bagel $3, with cream cheese $3.50, with PB &/or Jelly $3.25


Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait $6.75

A sumptuous blend of nuts and dried fruit layered with bananas and yogurt. (Grain free)


Avocado Toast $4, Add an egg* $2

16 Bricks salted rye served open face with avocado & lime pickled onions.


Honey Herb Goat Cheese Toast $4.25, Add an egg* $2, and/or bacon $1.25

16 Bricks Sourdough toast with soft goat cheese, drizzled with honey and herbs.


Yam Biscuit with Ham and Cheese $6, Add an egg* $2

Our house made yam biscuits baked with honey mustard, ham, Gouda and havarti.


Scrambles- Plain $6, 1 filling $7, more fillings: $1.75 ea  

2 local, free range eggs* with 16 Bricks Bakery toast–choose Sourdough, Salty Rye or

11 Grain (Sub GF bread $1.50)

Fillings: Havarti, ham, garlicky greens, onions, avocado, salsa, goat cheese


Migas $8.50

Local free range eggs* scrambled with cumin, OG corn tortillas and our black beans,

topped with cheese (optional) and our house made salsa. Sub/add: avocado $1.75





toast $1.50, GF toast $2.50, Greek yogurt $2, fruit $3, one egg* $2, bacon $3.50,

avocado $1.75, salsa $2



*We cook eggs fully unless you order them differently. If you do, please keep in mind

that consuming undercooked eggs may increase your risk of a food borne illness.





Tomato Red Lentil and Chickpea - cup $3.50, bowl $6 (GF, Vegan)

Pumpkin Curry - cup $3.50, bowl (GF, Vegan)



Add grilled chicken, roast turkey or sweet-chili tempeh $2.50

House Salad- full $6, side $4 (Vegan, GF opt)

Field greens, Persian cucumbers, red onion, house made croutons


Thai Carrot Cabbage Peanut Salad- full $8.50, side $6.50 (GF, Vegan)

Carrot cabbage slaw with roasted peanuts and sweet chili lime dressing.


Sandwiches & Wraps

Served with organic corn chips. Add/sub avocado $1.75

Substitute gluten free bread or add roast turkey, chicken or sweet-chili tempeh. $2.50


Thai Peanut Salad Wrap $8.00 (Vegan)

Our Thai salad in a whole grain wrap.

Roasted Yam Burrito $7.50 (Vegan option)

Chili roasted yams, refried black beans, smoky chipotle salsa and cheese.


Roasted Veggie Wrap $8.50 (Vegan)

House made hummus, roasted vegetables, tomatoes, lime pickled onions and field greens.


Roast Turkey, Apple and Cheddar- Full: $9.50, Half: $7.50

Hand carved Plainville all natural roast turkey with sharp cheddar, apples, field greens, mustard & mayo.


Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich- Full: $9.00, Half: $7.00

Handcarved ham, Gouda and havarti, honey mustard and arugula on 16 Bricks salted rye.


Toasted Cheese and Tomato Sandwich $7.50



Add roasted chicken breast, roast turkey or sweet-chili tempeh $2.50


Thai Noodle Bowl- full $8.50 (GF, Vegan)

Sweet potato glass noodles tossed with veggies, roasted peanuts & a sweet chili lime sauce.


Veggie Quesadilla- $7 Add/sub avocado $1.75


Winter Grains & Greens Bowl $7.50

Farro simmered with fire-roasted tomatoes and served on a bed of garlicky greens topped with toasted rosemary walnuts and cheese (optional) (Vegan option).


Mega Mac & Cheese full $8.50, side $6.50

A nutritious powerhouse with a blend of goat & cow Gouda, OG whole wheat rotini, & kale.


Chili Cheese Yam Fries large $8.50, side $6.50 Add/sub avocado $1.75 (GF, Vegan option)

Our roasted yam fries topped with black bean chili, cheese (optional) and our salsa.



hummus $3, chips & salsa $3.50, OG corn chips $1.50, fruit $3, avocado $1.75, salsa $2