Red Balloon Playroom Picture 

 Our custom designed playspace is full of open-ended fun! Stuff to climb on, stuff to push, pull and ride on, places to get creative and imagine, and most of all fun and friends! Our space is designed for children 1-6 years old (under 1 is free!) older children with gentle attitudes are allowed, but we ask parents to use their best judgement. 

 The Red Balloon Playroom Pictures

When you arrive, you will need to check in and pay either at the café or the retail counters. Your pass is good all day.

• Adults and kids under 1 year are free
• One child $8.75
• Each additional child $6.75
• Eat + Play Combo- $11 includes unlimited play and a Kids meal with drink! 
• Play Pass- 10 visits for $65! (Can be used for multiple kids, we keep track in our system, that’s a 25% discount.)

The Red Balloon Cafe Playroom Pictures

- No shoes allowed in the playroom (socks are optional - we have some to borrow for free if you like!)
- No food or Kid's drinks in the playroom- Adults may bring in beverages, but please use caution! 
- Adults are responsible for all of the children who accompany them
- Please guide your kids in how to play well with others.
- Only toddlers and babies in the baby nest. 
- If you wouldn’t send them to school or day care, please be considerate of others and keep kids home.