Natibaby Provence (Cotton)

Product Description

Varying thin stripes of light, medium and dark purple, as well as lime green and brown in this twill weave wrap.  

This wrap features alternate colored rails in order to assist with more complicated carries. 

100% Cotton

Natibaby stripped cotton wraps are just on the thin side of medium. They are great beginner wraps, after a wash and with minimal break in time they are soft. It will feel a little bit crunchy when it arrives, but give it a cool wash and a tumble on low heat, then steam iron and and you will be on your way. They are nice and moldable, great for squishes and good for larger children in multi-pass carries. 

Natibaby Sizing Information

Need Help picking a size?

Size 4 - 3.6 meters - $95

Size 5 - 4.2 meters $100

Size 6 - 4.6 meters $105

Size 7 - 5.2 meters $110

$ 59.00 $ 105.00

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