Fidella FlyTai - Outer Space Candy - Linen

Product Description
The Fidella FlyTai meh dais offer all the beauty of a wrap conversion (without the cost) and the flexibility and ease of use of a meh dai. Our favorite thing about this carrier is the adjustable body, you can easily adjust this carrier for a newborn or a toddler. We also love the combo straps, they feature a padded wrap strap, meaning you get the comfort of a padded strap, but the lovely wrap straps to play with for added support and a variety of finishes!
  • Completely manufactured from sling fabric (100% organic cotton); foam padding 100% polyester)
  • without annoying accessories made of plastic or metal
  • without Velcro closures that can injure the sensitive sling fabric
  • Infinitely adjustable backpanell (24 - 48 cm), fixed by self-locking knot.
  • Infinitely adjustable bridge (11-45 cm), fixed by self-locking knot.
  • To better distinguish the strings: different ends (waist string round, shoulder string pointed)

This carrier is compliant to ASTM F2236-14


$ 95.00 $ 149.90

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