Fidella Wrap - Embellished Castle

Product Description

 Don't worry! Usually witches only fly with their broom through the darkness, undetected and on behalf of evil.

However, our witches, small and happy, fly in the bright daylight over the colorful wide world and the embellished castle in a magnificent country.

With the bright color of the wraps and the magical design, the "little ones" rides with their mothers on Halloween through the air for trick or treat. But not just on Halloween you can wear this high quality wrap. The timeless design will bewitch you all year long.

This design by Fidella for the first time is "Pure finished"!
This means that the babywraps are particularly gently finished, so it has a good grip and it´s more stable.
The Fidella® wraps are stable enough to carry older children. The extra width of 80 cm gives you both the possibility, to bind a newborn or carry a big kid safe.

Each Fidella baby wrap is supplied in a matching storage bag. This makes it even more popular especially for collectors.

Size 4 - 360cm - $99.90

Size 5 420cm - $109.90

Size 6 460cm - $119.90

Size 7 520cm - $129.90 

$ 75.99 $ 119.90

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