Genius Swaddle Set of 3- Love

Genius Swaddle Set of 3- Love
Product Description
The Cotton Babies Mob voted and Love won! The Love Swaddle Set is the first of our Genius Series swaddle designs to be released. Don’t worry – more are coming soon, but first, let’s celebrate Love!
Introducing the Love Swaddle Set
Featuring a whimsical blend of Mirror, Jelly, Clementine and Pepper, this beautifully-designed swaddle resembles our Love print, available in bumGenius and Flip cloth diapers, accessories and our Cotton Babies exclusive Tula! Each swaddle set comes with three swaddles – one Love, one Mirror and one Sassy.
The story behind our Love print: Put On Love
Our Love print illustrates the unity and support that drives the Cotton Babies community. Love represents the connection we share as moms, while showcasing the unique relationship that makes it all possible. We believe every mom is different and that every mom is a good mom. Our differences make us who we are, but we all have one thing in common: We’re all on the journey through motherhood together.
Why will you love our Genius Series Swaddles?
Smart parents know even a natural-born genius needs rest to grow and develop. The Genius Series Swaddle Blanket keeps your baby feeling cozy and secure in soft muslin cotton, creating the perfect sum of sleep!
Swaddling calms your little one, allowing them to triumph over the startle reflex. The natural, lightweight muslin is breathable and will keep your baby comfortable while they dream up genius ideas.
The bumGenius Genius Series Swaddle blanket will keep you little one feeling secure and cozy! These swaddle blankets are made of soft, muslin cotton that is natural, lightweight and breathable to keep your baby comfortable. Swaddling calms your baby and helps stop the startle reflex. The generous 48" x 48" size makes it versatile enough to use as a swaddle, blanket, nursing cover, stroller cover, burp cloth and even a scarf!
Features of the Genius Series Swaddles:
Size - 48" x 48"
100% cotton muslin - natural, unbleached fabric
Lightweight and breathable to provide air flow
GOTS Certified
$ 21.00 $ 39.99

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