Natibaby - BWIC Cincinnati Skyline Wrap and Ring Sling

Product Description

"Nati Nati" as it is affectionately known (Cincinnati Natibaby) was woven as a fundraiser for the Babywearing International of Cincinnati, and features landmarks from around the city. This was woven in two color combinations, a black/white and indigo/white. 

The Indigo ring slings were sewn by Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions, the Black are a pleated Natibaby shoulder. 

30% Hemp

70% Cotton 

Hemp is often my go-to, especially as my children are getting bigger and bigger! Its known for its support and cush factor, and still managing some softness. Hemp is perfect for a "beater" or everyday wrap, and does not need to be babied much for the wash. Nati-hemp is thick, and does take some breaking in to get it moldable, but is supportive from day one. I wash on warm or hot and tumble dry on medium heat. Hemp enjoys a good steam iron as well, and it will help break it in with less work. 

Size 4 - 3.6 meters - $150

Size 5 - 4.2 meters $155

Size 6 - 4.6 meters $165

Size 7 - 5.2 meters $175

$ 150.00

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