Natibaby Pavone Brown (Merino Wool Blend)

Product Description

The teal birds and yellow/green/blue floral are amazing on the brown of Pavone, the reverse in tonal cream is lovely for a lighter look. This wrap features a teaching rail (a black stripe runs the length of one side) in order to assist with more complicated carries. 

50% Cotton 50% Merino Wool
Weight: 375 g/m2

Care: Wool is one of the most supportive blends, but they do require a little extra care to avoid felting (which can make it unsafe for use by weakening the fabric). Wool wraps should only be HAND WASHED in wool wash (no added lanolin). To dry, lay flat upon a towel and roll up to absorb the extra water, then air dry. They do need support while drying, a series of hangers, chairs or distributed over multiple layers of drying racks work well. 

Natibaby Sizing Information

Need Help picking a size?

Size 4 - 3.6 meters - $145

Size 5 - 4.2 meters $150

Size 6 - 4.6 meters $160

Size 7 - 5.2 meters $170

$ 170.00

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