Ritmo Rhythm and Movement Class

Ritmo Rhythm and Movement Class
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Ages: 1-4 years

Dates: Friday April 20, Friday April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25

Days/Times: Fridays at 11:00a

Fees:  $12 per class, $6 per sibling.  $50 Bundle Classes and Save! 


Ritmo is a fun, creative and upbeat class that combines music, movement and language in a way that engages and energizes both the body and brain! We will explore the senses with songs, movements, and colorful hand-held instruments - great for babies, toddlers, and "big kids" too!
With live rhythm instruments and hands-on learning, participants develop important mind-body skills as they drum, dance and play. There is growing scientific evidence that music stimulates the language centers of the brain and boosts learning. This class is designed to fully engage the brain: strengthening gross and fine motor control, cognitive skills, social interaction, and language development, while targeting six fundamental areas: Timing, Coordination, Listening, Creativity, Teamwork, and Fun!
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Liz Wu bio:
Liz Wu is a professional musician (CCM graduate), fitness instructor and published children's book author ( Rosa Farm, Knopf Publishers) who has combined her love of music, movement and language into fun, engaging programs designed to maximize learning on many fronts. She serves as an instructor for Skool Aid, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Arts Association, TriHealth, and Lifestyle Essentials - spending her days teaching fitness and music to all ages, and her evenings playing in the band Acarya. If she has a spare hour, you might run into her at a farmer's market, hiking in the woods, volunteering with #Kindflash, or enjoying the arts!
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