Sibling Preparation Class

Sibling Preparation Class
Product Description
Saturday, December  16, 2017 1pm-2pm
Join this hands-on class geared towards children 2-5. This class will cover basic newborn care and sibling adjust.
The topics include:
-The emotions associated with becoming a big sister or brother
-Basic Newborn Care and Behavior
-Special Rules about new babies
-Basic care technique to help mommy and daddy care for the new baby
Your child(ren) will learn through play, crafts, and storytelling. They will practice how to hold an infant, how to change diapers, tips for soothing an infant, and basic infant safety. A parent or care provider must remain on the premises, but will be asked to leave the room for the beginning of the class. Please bring a baby, blanket, and pillow. Snacks and drinks can be purchased at The Red Balloon. 
This class is taught by Jennifer Tullo, a birth, postpartum, and sibling doula. For additional information please visit 
$15/1st child-  $10/additional child
$ 15.00